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IGTV could not create, but greed takes its Instagram

Recently Instagram has launched a new service IGTV, where anyone can publish long videos. For some reason he immediately called a competitor to YouTube, but IGTV and next to him is not, and never rise.

Competition is good, so when new services appear, especially from large companies, I always test to them. For IGTV I’ve been following since the presentation. On the one hand, the idea is cool, but the current implementation leaves much to be desired. Now IGTV raises a lot of questions that I will try to find the answers.

In IGTV is possible to publish video to 4K resolution and up to hours. But there are limitations. To post videos longer than 10 minutes, you need to be a verified user with a large number of subscribers. For all other limit from 15 seconds to 10 minutes.

Knowing the love of Instagram to the pitiless compression of photos and videos, it’s a very generous gift. But all this does not cover the main problem — all the videos in IGTV should be vertical.

For the format of “stories” that conveniently. But for the full video this is a big problem. Vertical video is difficult to remove, because it’s hard to fit much information in a small window. Creators have to try that interesting to shoot vertical video.

Horizontal video would be necessary if he was going to compete with YouTube. But Instagram will not compete with YouTube. Add support for the usual video not a big problem for the developers of Instagram, so they deliberately abandoned this idea, and is unlikely to return to it.

For five days I was able to select multiple formats, which use users IGTV. Perhaps in the future this will change, but for now all is OK:

  • Short videos up to 5 minutes in plain “stories”.
  • Themselves “history”. Some users reason to duplicate the content in a single app.
  • Long and interesting video.

Most video IGTV were removed to the main or front camera of your smartphone. Their length does not exceed five minutes. They would fit perfectly into the format, if their duration were limited.

I met a long video installation. I found some of the users that are signed. The popular was nothing like this.

It seems to me, the big problem IGTV: users simply don’t know what to publish. They were never told why we need a new service. For example, when we launched “stories”, the question was not, because the format was known.

It was possible to increase the duration of the video in the “stories” and not to force users to get used to the new service. Bloggers YouTube will not publish in Instagram long video, because they do not need. They have no motivation.

On the web version of the IGTV is that nothing is heard. But it is unlikely to appear, because to watch vertical videos on the big screen — not the best idea. In IGTV no ads, but when it appears, then Instagram is likely not going to share revenues with users.

It turns out that the IGTV is doomed to become a service where users will publish a “long history”, because Instagram wanted to earn more money.

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