Spotify accused Apple of non-competitive behavior over new One subscription

Yesterday at the presentation of the Apple Event, a single subscription to Apple One services was presented. There are several configurations to choose from, but the savings even in the case of the most affordable version are decent.

It didn't take long for a reaction from competitors: Spotify, a streaming service that recently launched in Russia and the CIS countries, accused Apple of non-competitive behavior.

Once again, Apple is using its dominance and unfair methods to disadvantage competitors and consumers in favoring its own services.

We urge antitrust authorities to take urgent action to curb Apple's anticompetitive behavior that, if left unchecked, would cause irreparable harm to the developer community and jeopardize our collective freedoms.


It's just not clear why consumers are at a disadvantage. Apple responded to Spotify's statement like this:

Customers can discover and use alternatives to each of Apple's services. We're introducing Apple One because it's great value for customers and an easy way to access Apple's full range of subscription services.

Apple One will save you the most money based on the subscriptions you already have. One subscription is ideal for those who love and use our services and want more for less, Apple One is also suitable for the whole family. Plus, some of the services offered through Apple One are available on other third-party devices – you can always opt-out at any time.


Here's what's interesting: when Google released a single YouTube Premium (no ads + subscription to the YouTube Music streaming service), there was zero reaction from Spotify. This is not the first time that Spotify has accused Apple of monopolizing the market: in March 2019, Cupertinos were reproached for the lack of support for alternative music services on the HomePod smart speaker, as well as for aggressively promoting Apple Music in the App Store. Support for alternative music services, by the way, will appear in the next update.

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Apple One subscription will be available later this fall. An individual Apple One Russia subscription includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and 50 GB of iCloud storage. It costs 365 rubles per month and thus saves 260 rubles per month. A family subscription offers the same services, but now 200 GB in iCloud and can be extended to six family members. It costs 525 rubles per month and will save you 290 rubles per month. Savings are calculated relative to the total cost of individual service subscriptions. The Apple One free trial period lasts 30 days and applies to all services where the user does not have an active subscription or trial period.

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