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Apple warned about a crash in iOS 10.3, which can lead to the activation of the services disabled iCloud

Last week after a long testing out the final version of iOS 10.3. The update contains several important innovations, among which the search function AirPods headphones, enhanced Siri and a new file system APFS.

Today Apple announced about the crash in iOS 10.3, because of which the installation of the new OS can lead to the activation previously disabled iCloud services. How many users affected by this bug, is still unknown.

Apple sent e-mail to users with the notification of the noticed bug. It is reported that most often the problem arises with the services of “Mail” and “Photo”.

What caused this bug, is unclear. Apple, apparently, could not solve the issue. The company recommended that users go to settings iCloud and check what services are active.

Earlier this week, Apple released an iOS update 10.3.1, which brought back the support for 32-bit devices and brought improvement of security. The company also conducts testing iOS 10.3.2, its release is expected in the near future.

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