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Russian virtual reality helmet Fibrum Pro went on sale [video]

Company re:Store has started selling virtual reality helmet Fibrum Pro. The device, created by Russian developers, compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones of different models. By the end of the year, developers plan to sell up to 30,000 units.

Mobile VR helmet Fibrum Pro has no analogues on the Russian market of virtual reality technology. The special design of the lenses that does not require additional configuration of the distance from the lens to the eye, allows you to see the picture clearly, as users with vision -5 to +5, and people with perfect vision.

Externally, the gadget resembles virtual reality glasses Oculus VR, but Russian equivalent only works in conjunction with Communicator it is inserted inside a helmet. For this purpose, fit phones with screen sizes from 4.6 to 6 inches.

The massive sales the manufacturer has managed to distribute about 1500 devices on pre-orders for a total of about 9 million. A new batch of partially produced in China, but final Assembly and quality control took place in Russia, according to the company.

Fibrum Pro is convenient and compact, the smartphone can easily be placed and center, said the company. The edges are four holders, through which is inserted the phone and it will automatically center vertically. For centering horizontally before running the application, the user gains a special frame, with which the phone in just a few seconds takes the correct position in the helmet.

The helmet is easy to operate and does not require expensive accessories. Just download the app Fibrum to your mobile device, insert it into the headset and enjoy virtual reality at any time in any place. Currently released 15 games and applications that are already available in the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store.

Fibrum Pro has already appeared in stores re:Store in Moscow and St. Petersburg for the price of 7990 rubles, since August 1 sales will begin in the regions. In addition to re. Store, the company intends to sell the points through its online store, as well as through sites “Medgadget”, Madrobots,, Kickgoods, “Matroskin” and “Shop Steve”.

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