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Russian users have figured out how to remotely “kill” Skype one text message

Error in Skype makes it possible to remotely crash the application by sending a sequence of characters. Vulnerability discovered by Russian users of the VoIP service.

Skype has a bug that allows remote cause in crashing the application on the computer of the interlocutor, in which case it will close spontaneously. Then, the user will not be able to launch until you clean up your history or reinstall the program.

According to CNews, in order to cause failure in Skype, just send the recipient a message of the form “http://:” (without the quotes). Upon receipt by the addressee of this sequence of characters the Skype application on their computer will close and when you try to open it again, it will display a message about the problem. A necessary condition for successful exploitation of this vulnerability is sending the message from the younger (older) version of the Skype app in the older (new) version. When sending messages from the new version to the old failure occurs.

The vulnerability is successfully working as in cases where the sender is in the contacts list of the recipient, and others.

According to its users, the crash only appears on Windows PC and on mobile devices with Android. In the event of failure, the performance of Skype on your computer you can restore it by deleting the file history main.db system in the application folder (%appdata%SkypeУчетная_запись_Skypemain.db).

To block automatic synchronization of messages (in Windows not the message sent to the same account on your smartphone), it is necessary to prohibit the entry in the folder %appdata%SkypeDataRv. If the failure occurred on an Android device, you will have to re-download APK files and reinstall Skype.

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