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Russian officials will be obliged to switch from iPhone to smartphones with Patriotic Sailfish Mobile OS Rus

Officials in the near future will have to give up their iPhone. As reported by the Institute of development Internet (IRI), civil servants will be obliged to use the state messenger on the Russian operating system Sailfish Mobile OS Rus, which is designed to provide increased data security.

The future state of the messenger will be transferred to the domestic operating system (OS). The use of Russian OS is not a prerequisite for candidates for the title of a single gomessenger for the officials, but this possibility is not excluded.

Platform Sailfish Mobile OS Rus in 2016 was included in the Unified register of the Russian programs for electronic computers and databases that was created in order to expand the use of domestic software. In addition, this operating system has passed the certification of the FSB’s requirements for data protection, not constituting a state secret.

Sailfish Mobile OS Rus, in contrast to the us iOS and Android will store data regarding the correspondence on Russian servers, which will eliminate the possibility of leaks, said in Iran.

“You know, if you set the state messengers on devices that we have all known operating systems, we will provide our colleagues from foreign special services a huge favor, because it will simply mark these devices will tag them,” said Pavel eyges, Director of the company “Open mobile platform”, which is the developer of the Sailfish Mobile OS Rus.

He stressed that when using foreign data protection platform messenger will be inefficient because the probability of information leaks abroad remains high.

The representatives of the “Open mobile platform” said that the main problem of its scarcity of domestic OS is the monopolization of the market by Android and iOS platforms. Its solution will be created “state oasis” from which foreign OS will be pushed out at the legislative level.

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