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Russian developers have released a messenger “Game” to communicate without words

Russian developers have announced the messenger, in which you can communicate without words. The conversation in the app is using popular Internet memes.

“Too many messengers. These conventional messenger, which a little differ from each other. Too little of something really wild!”, — write about your project developers.

Now in the collection “the first ever antimisandry” 100 memes, they are all voiced by actors. Pictures are updated periodically.

“RUB some kind of game to their friends and acquaintances — too easy. Someone has installed the app? Choose memusic and send! The sound will automatically start playing that would be doubly cool if your buddy is on pair or in the workshop, and his phone is not in silent mode.

While your friends set our antimessage, you can communicate with the beloved Diana Shurygina or Big Russian Boss om”, – say the developers.

In 2016, the creators of the project introduced the “Game” on the Startup Day event in St. Petersburg. This platform allows startups to present to experts of major IT companies, potential investors.

On the basis of performance Barnaul invited to participate in the three-month program for accelerated development of online business. The Fund for Internet development initiatives was considered a “Game” is so promising that already invested in the project more than 2 million rubles — in terms of buying a 7% stake in the business.

“Our project still needs to be finalized, and would like to do this together with our fellow residents of the Altai territory, as the “Game” is a folk messenger. In the app we have created a “Contact developer”, we invite everyone to leave your comments and suggestions on the development of the messenger,” say the guys.

Now the application “Game” is used by over 5 thousand people throughout Russia. It is pupils, students and people of more advanced age.

Download Game for iOS at this link.

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