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Russian cryptogamica for smartphones on iOS and Android can log on to the uniform

The device connects to smartphones based on iOS and Android and hardware protects conversations from eavesdropping.

Central research Institute of precision engineering, supplying Russian troops with special equipment, he started collaborating with the developers of the device for the protection of the negotiations from eavesdropping.

Their joint development unveiled Monday engineering center “National research nuclear University “MEPhI” and Central research Institute of precision engineering in the framework of the exhibition “innovation Days of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation”, which takes place in Kubinka.

According to the representative of the engineering center, the product of Russian developers is a wireless headset with the ability to connect to smartphones running iOS and Android. Headset capable at the hardware level to protect the negotiations from eavesdropping, but also ensures the security text correspondence and sharing files.

“Two headsets create a private communication channel using end-to-end mechanisms for the harmonization of data protection at the hardware level. Thus, transmitted information is protected from the vulnerabilities of mobile devices, data networks and attacks on server communication”, – stated in the message.

In the Centre clarified that to ensure the confidentiality of the negotiations cryptovariable must have both participants, their smartphones must be installed the corresponding application. Currently preparing for a new certification and will soon go into mass production. In the Center highlighted the possibility of reflection on the introduction of such cryptogamica in separate divisions to perform their regular tasks.

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