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“Perfect body in 15 minutes”: the full set of workouts in one app

There are a lot of initiatives that we regularly put off “on Monday”. To learn a language, quit Smoking, go on a diet… But the leading position undoubtedly is “sports”. Unfortunately (or fortunately), for the latter is a million reasons to put it off till next Monday: little time, no money for the gym, where I’ll be the fat, etc. But now everything has changed.

For those whose desire to change their life, become more beautiful, healthier and improve your health all the same is great news! The developers of Bestapp Studio has taken care of our health and beauty of our bodies. Meet the app “Perfect body in 15 minutes!”.

To be honest, faith in the success of such initiatives as the sport app has already started to melt… until we met with this project. I don’t know what magic there is, but the facts are there: basic exercises in combination with a simple and easy functional, beautiful models and overall well thought out, down to the last detail, still doing their job.

Although the application is perfectly realized the idea of intuitive interface, say a few words about the structure. In accordance with trends in the industry you are selected individually after filling out a personal profile and placement of your personal priorities. The learning system is built incrementally from simple to complex but with the constant increasing dynamics. That is, when you first use the application spend a few minutes to input your personal settings, and then the application calculates the optimal schedule of trainings, recalls several times on each, and shows your progress clearly on a separate screen, showing a progress chart. A trifle, but nice.

Perfect body released in two versions – male and female. And we think it is justified. Besides the different emphasis on “sore spots” of boys and girls app contains and satisfied specific complexes with clear gender equality focus, such as the complex for expectant mothers or exercise powerful neck.

We should also mention fashionable toy awards. Don’t know about you, but I competitive and demonstrative moment — powerfully motivating. So wildly good to share with your friends in Facebook with their success and achievements. Besides, when you find some quality product, you always want to talk about it to others, who knows, maybe, like me, it will push someone to action.

Download “a Perfect body in 15 minutes! Set of men” for iOS
Download “a Perfect body in 15 minutes! Female complex” for iOS

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