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Russian company EasyFrame introduced the world’s first online photo frame [video]

Russian company EasyFrame introduced the “smart” gadget, which she calls the world’s first online photo frame. The product slogan is “Share memorable moments with loved ones”.

EasyFrame is part of a unique service company. Second part of same free app for smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android. Photo sent with it immediately appear on the screen of the photo frame. In this case the sender and the photo frame can be anywhere in the world.

The creators of the service have tried to make the app as simple as possible, and the frame it is only necessary to connect to the grid. It has an embedded 3G module, making delivery of images is automatic.

In “Esipram” claim that the service has no direct analogues in the world. It aims to provide users with the opportunity to share bright moments of life with friends through popular social networks, but also with the closest relatives, the words “Internet” and “modern technology” for whom are unacquainted.

As noted by General Director of LLC “Esipram” Ilya Zarkovich, developed by the service aims to strengthen the Russian culture of nepotism. The first online photo frames will go on sale in mid-autumn.

Leave a pre-order for the device on the company’s website. Smart photo frame will cost 4890 rubles.

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