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The Sudanese took the SIM card from the tracker stork, and uttered it for $ 2,700

The team of Polish ecologists EcoLogic will have to pay about $ 2,700 (168 thousand rubles) for talking on the phone that they did not commit. This story was told to the edition of Radio Poland.Polish ecologists who investigate the emigration of birds, attached a GPS tracker to the stork to trace his movements. The bird flew in last year from city Siedlce and flew 6 thousand miles before settling in the valley of the Blue Nile in Sudan in February. Then the coordinates is not updated.

About the experiment recalled the account, which came the environmentalists from the phone company. Someone said 20 hours on the SIM card that was inside the GPS tracker work? During conversations used international tariff, so the cost of calls was so high.

According to environmentalists, some local residents found GPS-tracker, pulled the SIM card and inserted it into your phone. But you still have to pay EcoLogic, because the SIM card was registered to members of the organization.

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