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Review Angry Birds 2

The boot screen is in the form of feathered digits “2” and the introductory caption to particularly emphasize identity – Rovio strenuously wants to prove that this is not another change of levels and characters, and a true sequel – full-fledged sequel, which is not a pity to spend time.

Perhaps the way it is – Angry Birds 2 really changed quite a bit. It was spectacular; as if the Finnish company hired a separate state Directors and masters of special effects. Everything is bright, colorful and beautiful; cardboard patterns for the old “Birds” as if there was a trace. In the background – some passing locals. At front – fireworks extravaganza and celebration: in particular, here, right in the face, pigs fly, beams and poles, like in a 3D movie.

Pretty shoveled appearance, the Finns do not have to split hairs over the inner – need to shoot a slingshot at pigs standing on fragile structures – but there was a place for a couple of innovations. In the first place – multi-stage levels. One mission is divided into several: Lopatin few boars, wait for the move to their neighbors – need to deal with them too. Importantly, the composition of birds in one level does not change – so, if you just spent a winged, feel free to replay. However, a loophole remained in the top corner special timer counts how many troubles you have done – when the gauge fills, the game throws another bird.

Rather, its card. Paying tribute to fashion, Rovio has built a whole economy on the boxes in the deck not the stock birds and cards – you can apply them in any order. Of course, there are bonus cards – all sorts rains of ducks, frozen other boosters, allowing you to breathe easier.

The second important aspect is that the levels are now generated polyleucine way. This is very interesting – the backbone level unchanged, but the details with each replay is different: pig in the other place, somewhere thicker beams, somewhere no previous piece. While it is difficult to calculate, what is the principle of changing the design, but most likely in the direction of simplification – game, knowing that you pulled already a dozen attempts, detaches fragments, reducing the problem.

And this is important – because Angry Birds 2 uses the most tough and terrible financial scheme that happens in mobile games. Initially don’t even know what to say – well, okay, we all know where is usually to look for a free lunch, every work must be paid, but… well, here’s the deal – every time you lose, removed the heart. When the hearts run out – and they are few – are offered either half an hour to wait or pay crystals. The crystals are small, and their hearts should well. Crystals bought for real money.

It is unknown who, why, and why came up with just such a system – from Rovio does not extend the reputation of people who are experiencing financial difficulties; here without the regular attachments impossible to play – but the question is, recall of the series, which originally extended for a dollar. The only explanation Orgy there is only one thing the Finns were tired of watching our colleagues from unicellular strategies dangle with a million users a day, and wanted the same. Especially because the world they’ve already proved.

Doubly sad that Angry Birds 2 – in General, a cool game. She was beaten child with exaggerated simplicity of the previous editions; it does not hesitate to challenge and quite a bit, at the level of the Bad Piggies, to force the user to think. In the end, Angry Birds 2 clearly spent a lot of money – at the start already offered more than two hundred levels, many bosses, constantly changing landscape (and the title theme). In the usual conflict slingshot and buildings are constantly making new items – blows, for example, a fan, and would have to revisit all of the tactics.

Angry Birds 2 constantly throws up new surprises; it’s a real, full-fledged sequel in which a new lot more than was even in Angry Birds: Star Wars. But to play it – either for ten minutes a day, or a hundred roubles a day. There is no other.

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