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Research: the most generous buyers of Apple devices are men over the age of 65

Men older than 65 were the most generous customers of the American company Apple, according to a study conducted by experts Slice Intelligence. Analytical company engaged in tracking sales on the Internet.

As noted by the authors of the study, approximately a quarter of all the adherents of the products of Apple company are men whose age is 65 years and older.

Experts estimate that each such user per year spent on Apple gadgets an average of $976, and not even a single age group of users ahead of the group of “65 and older”.

The most active buyers of smart phones iPhone, laptops MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Apple TV set-top boxes were young people aged 25 to 34 years. “Smart” watch Apple most often acquire buyers aged 35 to 44 years.

Analysts say that in any age group, women spend less on Apple gadgets, than the representatives of a strong half of mankind. The most generous among women was the ladies of the age group from 45 to 54 years.

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