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Rendez-Vous has launched its app for iPhone

Nowadays, many online stores have purchased your own application: it’s more convenient. Don’t need to go to the browser, to search among hundreds of bookmarks need to cope with a cumbersome interface… Just plug in your smartphone and select the icon. For the convenience of clients own app and got a chain of stores Rendez-Vous.

Rendez-Vous specializes in shoes and accessories for men and women. There are more than fifty known brands: from elegant classics in the collections of Michel Vivien to extraordinary models of Marc Jacobs. The emphasis is on the products of French, Italian, Spanish, German, English and American manufacturers.

The app interface is simple and convenient. In front of you on the entire screen opens the product catalog, you light swipes leaf through the menu. Men’s shoes, women’s, accessories, discounts with the most important Rendez-Vous gives immediately. When you decide what you want, using a special filter to specify the parameters: for example, shoes brand Calvin Klein in the range from 5 000 to 10 000. If they exist in the database of the online store can be immediately ordered. But first, select the size: Yes, the application takes into account all the nuances and subtleties. Strictly speaking, this is a perfect replacement mobile classic browser Rendez-Vous.

Also from the program you can view the new collections and find out if these things are in the shops of the city. The mobile version of Rendez-Vous interacts well with the real world: the app will tell you where the nearest shops are, and given their phone number and working time. The program shows the exact location on the map and even builds the route of travel.

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Mobile window Rendez-Vous is possible to consider the entire range and order your favorite. To make purchases simply sign up and enter basic payment data.

A separate section Rendez-Vous dedicated to news. You can learn about the latest company events and current promotions. So, recently Rendez-Vous has increased the period of free warranty repairs until 3 or 4 years after purchase for individual customer groups. In addition, customers can get the Privilege club card, which gives you the opportunity to communicate with experts of style and fashion at a special closed events, gifts, additional services and discounts. And the first to know exactly the users of the program.

Summarizing, we can say that the network Rendez-Vous received full representation in the mobile industry. Fans of the store will surely get the app on your mobile device, especially because it is completely free.

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