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Blogger turned the iPhone 7 in the Twister Fidget Spinner [photo]

Fidget Spinner – a new class of toys. One calls them “new Rubik’s cube” and the “new Tamagotchi”, the other – the “hula Hoop generation Z”. They became very popular in 2017 — so much so that in early may caught up with the President of the United States Donald trump on the number of search queries in Google. And in the top of Amazon’s top 20 most popular toys of different versions of spinners is 15 positions.

What are we? In the video, which you can watch below, the user takes the iPhone 7 for $700 and just destroy it with drills and cutters. And then he takes three different iPhone and does the same thing to them. For what? To turn them into fashion now toy. Fidget Spinner is a conventional ball bearing, which he’s wearing something, and that something, respectively, can rotate. You hold your fingers over the inner, stationary part and spins external.

The creators of the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro drill a hole in the iPhone 7, disassemble the spinner, the bearing from it is inserted into the smartphone, put on the glue, and it turns out that’s the thing. Twirl it is not very convenient, because it is long, touches the palm. But iPhone 5s is much better.

Spinner in 1993 was invented by the inventor from Florida Katherine Hettinger. Hettinger sold several thousand units, and in 1999 he patented his invention.

Forbes called spinner “office toy that is a must buy in 2017”. They are called “iPhones among desktop toys”.

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Among the 20 most popular toys on Amazon 15 positions — these are different types of spinners. Videos with different tests for the spinners gaining millions of views on YouTube. In General, it is now the squeak, although invented this thing back in the 90s.

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