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“Remember place”: an app for finding your car in the Parking lot [+5 promo]

In Russia summer comes slowly and begins the season of holidays and the season of barbecues, so many visitors to our site kicked the machine out of the garage and took a bike from the balconies. Today we will look at the application that will be useful to motorists – it would not lose your car in Parking lots and in the forests in Russia and abroad.

The app when opened automatically saves the current location of the device, allowing in the future to find and return to your car, bike, moped or other vehicle. AutoSave is made sufficiently intellectually – the app will remember the new location only if the user is at the new Parking lot, and not just launched a program to check how far away from his car. No need to fear for the “glitches” automatic mode: you can always undo your last AutoSave point or manually memorize the current position.

When you rerun the program will show the saved point, its distance and the current location. Right at the bottom there are three useful icons: the first one turns the phone into a compass, allowing us to understand, in what direction is the machine; the second includes guided navigation from Apple to a saved point with voice (quite useful if you have headphones, running in the background and in Russia on cheers); and the third allows you to turn on “satellite view”, if not satisfied with the detail map or need to see the house, which, unfortunately, Apple maps.

A bonus to the app is the version for the Apple Watch, so the app will appear on the clock and sync saved places with your phone, and also a map that shows your current location in real time.

The app is 59 rubles and is available for download on the App Store at this link.

The author has given us 5 promo codes, which will be drawn at random among the people who left a comment to this article.

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