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99% of companies use the iPhone and iPad, 91% of Mac

08.03.2017 0 Comments

As the technological shift from PC towards mobile devices, Apple is expanding its reach in the lucrative corporate customer base. According to the study by JAMF Software, the products of “Apple” company is most popular in companies.


99% of companies use the iPhone and iPad, 91% of Mac

The researchers conducted a survey among 300 employees, managers and top managers of companies worldwide, employing from 50 to 10 000+ people. It turned out that 91% of them use Macs, and 99% of iPhone or iPad.

The popularity of Apple mobile devices among employees even forced corporate managers to rewrite policies and change traditional patterns of shopping. the iPhone has replaced the BlackBerry as the favorite phone, and iPad performs tasks that were previously designed for the personal computer.


99% of companies use the iPhone and iPad, 91% of Mac

In 2016 the share of Mac and iOS devices in companies has increased, according to analysts. Almost half (44%) of organizations surveyed offer employees a choice between Mac and PC and most (71%) asked to choose between mobile devices (Apple, Android, etc.). In all cases, Apple was the most desirable among employees.

Reasons why corporations make the choice in favor of Mac or iOS called ease of configuration and ease of implementation, safety, batch control, technical support, software development/application integration. iPhone, iPad and Mac preferred to work not only from the point of view of security, but also because of the ease of use and reliability.


99% of companies use the iPhone and iPad, 91% of Mac

It is noteworthy that for the year in 76% of the organizations increased the use of iPhone and iPad and 74% of Mac computers.

In the past, Apple has not made any serious efforts to sell their devices to companies. However, now the Corporation by partnering with IBM, the company is trying to appeal to corporate technology managers, making it easier to connect iPhone and iPad to corporate email, as well as improving the security of corporate data.


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