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Rebels in Turkey coordinated with WhatsApp on iPhone [video]

The Turkish military to coordinate their actions in an armed coup with the help of WhatsApp messenger. On it informs TV channel Ren-TV, who turned out to be a video of one of the organizers of the overthrow.

The video captured the correspondence of the military, attempted to dislodge Erdogan from the post of President. In the WhatsApp group called “peace in the country” are given a clear command, with military short report performers: bridge No. 1 is under control of the second bridge captured.

The team did, according to the text, from the military Academy. The rebels had clearly planned how they will block the entrances and exits of the city. Among the reports the reports on which the government channels failed to block.

After the start of the coup, the Turkish authorities have blocked Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Vimeo and Instagram continued to work

It is noteworthy that the Turkish authorities in response to the attempted coup in the country blocked access to the social network. A service that checks the presence or absence of access to sites in Turkey, pointed out that in the time of the coup was blocked access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but worked services Instagram and Vimeo. Some residents went to the network via VPN and other anonymizers.

According to recent reports, the attempted coup d’état of the Turkish soldiers, killed 161 people, injured about 1,400, said Prime Minister Binali Yildirim of. Arrested more than 2,800 military.

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