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Operators have started to offer unlimited data for Pokemon Go

Within a week after the release of Pokemon Go became a hit downloads and raised the capitalization of the Japanese Nintendo, which owns the series of games under the brand Pokemon, twice. Game with elements of augmented reality, based on the franchise of the 1990-ies, for a few days gained popularity among users.

Some operators have decided to join the General madness that swept the Internet and social networks, that is, “to get into the stream” with the theme of pokemon. Ukrainian operator Kyivstar is one of the first to offer unlimited access to Pokemon Go. On the company website are invited to write to everyone your email address which will receive notification about the availability of the game in the country. Together with the notification of the release will give the user 1000 MB of Internet traffic and unlimited traffic to app Pokemon Go until November 30. The bonus will happen on the day of release.

“To our subscribers didn’t miss the release, we offer them to subscribe to announcement and give 1,000 MB, so they can immediately go on the hunt for pocket monsters. As gamers, we offer you to go to our new tariffs, in which the traffic for the game is unlimited, – says Vitali Sultan, head of electronic channels Kyivstar”.

International operator T-Mobile has launched for its subscribers similar action – unlimited bandwidth for Pokemon Go. But unlike the “Kyivstar” company’s offer will be valid throughout the year. In addition, T-Mobile will compete among 250 users Pocketmoney – game currency in denominations of $100 and 5 people can win a trip for USA to hunt for pokemon.

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“Family of tariff plans players Pokemon Go can easily pull all the traffic, and then, Hey, buy a new package! We in T-Mobile decided to make gamers gift – free game within the year”, – told in T-Mobile.

Pokemon Go based on the technology of augmented reality game overlaid on the real world with an additional layer. Using GPS the app determines where the player resides, and in order to move around in the game, you have to physically move in space. The smartphone camera is used, in particular, in order to catch a pokemon.

Earlier it was reported that Pokemon Go will be released in Russia until the end of the week, but the release date has not yet been published. “The game will be released in Russia soon. Any speculation about the exact release date that we have seen in the press, have under itself no bases”, – said PR-Manager of Nintendo in Russia Konstantin Govorun.

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