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Qualcomm has commented on the lawsuit Apple $1 billion, calling the accusations “groundless”

Qualcomm commented on the petition to Apple demanding that it pay $1 billion for high prices for chips, as well as for failure to return a promised $1 billion for their purchase. The company called the allegations kupertinovtsy “unreasonable” because it “never threatened to withdraw products or to keep their chips to get unfair licensing conditions”.

“Although we are still studying all the details of the case, it is apparent that Apple’s claims are unfounded. Apple intentionally misrepresented the terms of our agreement and arrangements and the scale and significance of the technology that we invented and distributed to all manufacturers of mobile devices in the framework of the licensing program. Apple actively encourages the attacks of the regulators on our business in various jurisdictions around the world, which follows from the recent decision of the KFTC and complaints FTC. The company is distorting facts and withholding information. We want our voice to be heard in court, where we will have the opportunity to fully assess the activities of Apple,” said Executive Vice President don Rosenberg.

Recall the claim of Apple against Qualcomm was filed on Friday, January 20 in the Federal district court for the southern district of California in San Diego.

By Apple, Qualcomm is abusing its dominant position in the mobile chip market, to achieve “unjustified and expensive” payments for the use of their patents. In addition, according to the plaintiff, Qualcomm has blocked her ability to choose another vendor’s chips.

The sum of $1 billion, according to Apple, Qualcomm “kept as payback” for participating in an investigation conducted by the antitrust regulator in South Korea. Korean regulators last month announced the fines Qualcomm $853 million for alleged “anti-competitive patent licensing practices.” Supplier of chips, in turn, this decision promised to challenge.

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At the end of trading on Friday, shares of Qualcomm fell by 2.42% to $of 62.88.

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