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Media: Apple is in a panic due the problems with facial recognition and wireless charging in the iPhone 8

Apple has had serious problems with the software of the iPhone 8, which can lead to the fact that the new smartphone kupertinovtsy will be available with a number of deactivated functions. Writes Fast Company, a team of developers and designers working on iPhone at the moment is in a panic.

8 is used in the iPhone wireless charging Qi or at least one of the variants of this standard. The hardware vendor for a new feature deals with longtime partner Apple company Broadcom. But the problems with the implementation of this function can lead to the fact that the iPhone 8 will be released to the market without this feature. And its activation will occur only after elimination of all errors in the code.

Sources have reported serious problems with the software responsible for the 3D camera for face recognition in iPhone 8. And it can be included after the start of sales of the iPhone 8. Apple while panic reigns, and engineers kupertinovtsy “feverishly” working to get to work the basic functions of the new smartphone.

In addition, Apple still has not made a final decision about where to house the fingerprint scanner Touch ID new iPhone 8. Although the sources of Fast Company adds that Touch ID is likely to be located over the OLED screen of the smartphone.

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