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Qualcomm filed a counterclaim against Apple

The manufacturer of processors Qualcomm filed a counterclaim to Apple’s charges of patent infringement. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. district court for the southern district of California — in the same location previously filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm itself.

In Qualcomm stated that Apple is violating existing agreements and arrangements with Qualcomm agreements with third-party companies, Qualcomm is pursuing with the help of regulators in different countries, as well as “not use full performance of chips from Qualcomm in the new iPhone 7″.

“Apple would not be able to build a huge Empire iPhone 7, making it the most profitable company in the world and allowed us to capture 90% of the profits of the markets of smartphones, if she hadn’t relied on key technologies from Qualcomm. Now, after decades of growth, Apple refuses to acknowledge an established and intrinsic value of these technologies”, – said in a statement Qualcomm.

Previously, Apple has provided South Korean regulators information about the patent licensing practices of Qualcomm, which led to fine Qualcomm for unfair practices in patent licensing. Later, the Federal trade Commission, the United States filed suit against Qualcomm over alleged use of anti-competitive tactics to maintain its monopoly in the key market of chips for mobile devices. The regulator believes that Qualcomm imposed on manufacturers of heavy licensing and sales of chips.

Qualcomm — the primary supplier of chips that connect smartphones to cellular networks. Its products purchases not only Apple but also Samsung. Together, these two companies provided 40% of revenue Qualcomm, in the last fiscal year amounted to $23.5 billion.

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The essence of the claims Apple made in earlier claims, is that Qualcomm allegedly demanded inflated license fees. At the same time, Qualcomm claim that Apple was offered the same licensing terms as other partners, so that about any speech can not be.

Earlier, in February, the head of Qualcomm Steven Mollenkopf stated that it wants to settle the dispute with Apple out of court.

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