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Putin aide: eternal blocking sites does not work and only demeans power

Advisor to the President of Russia on development of the Internet, German Klimenko believes that eternal blocking sites does not work and only brings a reproach upon the government. He declared it in interview “to the Newspaper”.

“When representatives of the authors lobbied for eternal locking of a domain, they themselves did not understand, about what speech. If you asked Internet users, they would say that this is nonsense, does not work, and therefore is a disgrace to the authorities. Technically this is a funny story. The time spent, resource base, panel base — to the eternal lock”, — said Klimenko.

He stressed that when representatives of copyright holders have promoted a law about locks, they do not understand what are talking about. And if anyone bothered to ask the professionals, they certainly would have pointed out the impossibility of such decisions. Unbridled and its adoption is simply a disgrace to the authorities.

Assistant to the President hints that to bypass the lock, which is technically able to hold Roskomnadzor, there is no difficulty even for not too advanced users of the Internet.

Recall, from may 1, 2015 came into force additional amendments to the “anti-piracy” law, which apply to illegally-hosted movies and television movies, games, music, software and books, with the exception of photos. According to the law, for repeated violations of the resources with illegal content threatens eternal lock. Monday, January 25 this law was blocked by Russia’s largest torrent tracker Rutracker.

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