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Pro Detox – how to lose weight without harm to health

Early winter is the ideal season for weight loss. A lot of time to some warm days and, as a result, outdoor clothes – while you can walk in nine jackets, hiding figure flaws. And, of course, parallel to lose weight, without time limit.

Recently gaining popularity the weight loss system detox – not so much when you lose weight, how many output from the body toxins and other harmful things. App Detox Pro will tell all about this diet.

First of all, the program will explain how a detox works. And we explain: you cleanse the body through natural regeneration, plus a wide range of cocktails and smoothies. They form the basis of a detox diet. Thus, resets are not only extra pounds, but also significantly tightened health; the body goes important and useful purification procedure.

In the application Pro Detox Pro it tells, but it’s certainly not all – the program as its base recipe. Hundreds of variations of different cocktails and teas – the most important thing in this diet. But there are the usual dishes: all salads, which is conveniently out of the diet. In addition, it is possible to make the recipe and add yourself, simply choose any ingredients from a common base and make the recipe the app will tell whether it will be useful.

From theory to practice – when you decide on recipes and programs that will pour a couple of dozen cocktails, you can start counting the lost pounds and calories. Initially it is better to explain the program when you boarded the detox diet. Detox Pro will calculate how much you need to hatch that was the result. You can then include a time schedule for weight loss – frankly that happens to you filling perturbations on dynamic chart you will see how your pounds melt away. Motivates!

Detox Pro looks great – used stylish translucent design, and on the background information tab. This, of course, is not the most important for your application, but you must admit – when the program look decent, and it nicer to use.

Detox Pro worth 199 rubles – quite a modest sum for such a large encyclopedia, and even enriched with a couple of important functions.

Download Detox Pro on iPhone, iPad and Android.

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