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Nintendo introduced its first game for smartphones – Miitomo

Japanese Nintendo showed the public its first game project for mobile platforms. In the game called Miitomo the characters, familiar to all fans of the company, however, novelty is not a port of one of the old games.

Game Miitomo allows you to create your own Mii or avatars that can communicate with each other in the virtual world. Although this description is not like a traditional game, and more like one way communication, in Nintendo boast that Miitomo will help people to share their experiences and interests.

Nintendo clarify that the reason for the delay with the release of the game is linked to the company’s desire to talk about Miitomo people. And during the holiday season the company plans to focus its marketing efforts on other products.

As the developers say, the game itself will be available to users free of charge. However, in Miitomo implemented a system of in-app purchases with which users will be able to buy popular Addons.

Miitomo will be available in March next year. By the spring of 2017 Nintendo is going to release at least five mobile projects. As for the other four mobile games, they will not be free, and for downloading will have to pay a certain amount.

Yesterday Nintendo has summed up the results of its financial quarter II. The profit was below market expectations, but the company maintained its Outlook for annual revenue thanks to strong sales of video game consoles Nintendo 3DS. Since the beginning of the year, Nintendo shares have risen by 83% due to the company’s plans for mobile game development.

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