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President of Ukraine Poroshenko meets via messenger Durov’s Telegram

Ukrainian MPs reject messenger Viber because of his insecurity, reports the local edition of “Vesti”. According to the newspaper, the party unit President goes on Telegram, a secure mobile chat, created by the founder of “Vkontakte” Pavel Durov.

Now most of the political forces in neighboring Ukraine use Viber for discussion conferences. Chat Block Poroshenko referred to as “BPP”, and the leaders of the Opposition bloc for a couple of months ago made a mistake, calling chat “political Council”. “Faction use the old-fashioned Viber, and active. The same Ministers. At least you can move to new services, says political analyst Andrei Zolotarev. — Telegram to have questions, but the Europeans use WhatsApp”.

Staff from several agencies said that they found a way to crack the security system and retrieve data Viber. Experts said the hacking scheme: messenger uses authentication through OTP password (SMS with a 4 digit combination when you bind your account to your Sim card.

“With the advent of computers it is possible to re-query the OTP password, and SMS will come to the victim’s phone. If you have physical access to the machine, you can enter your password on the PC or tablet, and the message from your phone to delete. Access is obtained, said detectives. — If your phone not, you need to intercept the text that is already quite complicated procedure”.

You can protect yourself by following a few rules: frequently change passwords, do not bind the phone number associated with Viber, its name, and last name (no contract). Plus periodically cleaned correspondence — after some time it gets deleted on the server application.

In Block Poroshenko reportedly, the dilemma was solved by switching to Telegram: is there found a large portion of the faction. “We have two chat in Viber and Telegram, and both incomplete structure, explained Lviv member Taras Batenko. — A few months ago to Telegram joined Petro Poroshenko — there is now substantive communication,” said Zolotarev.

To get the contents of Viber-correspondence may emphasizes Batenko. Ukrainian officials have complained that saw print your own correspondences.

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