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Presents the case that allows you to record telephone conversations on iPhone without jailbreak

When you need to record a phone conversation, users of Apple smartphones have two choices – to jailbreak and install jailbreak tweak AudioRecorder 2 or get a separate recorder and use a speaker. The developers of the case called the JIC suggested an alternative solution.

Although not too serious, the accessory may help if the owner of iPhone need to record telephone conversations. Created by Israeli developers, the device does not require jailbreak and stores the con versations on your own memory card. 2 GB is enough to store up to 20 hours of talk time. All the user needs during a call press the button on the device.

JIC is equipped with a microSD card slot, a microphone, two buttons Play and Pause and a built-in battery that provides up to 8 hours of recording. The accessory can not only record calls but also play them via its built-in speaker. Despite the unique functionality, the device has a fairly compact dimensions: 146 x 71 x 14 mm.

Currently the creators of the accessory raise money for the production of JIC on the website Indiegogo. The cost of new items on pre-order is only $ 29. Deliveries to the first customers will start in may.

Last year, the Russian developers have launched a service Callwrite that allows you to record phone calls on iPhone. All the user needs during the call to add the service to your phone conversation by the principle of conferencing. After a few minutes after the call on the smartphone will receive a message stating that the record is complete and ready for listening. To listen to the recording or download it in mp3, you must log in your personal account, choose the tariff plan and pay for the service.

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