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Tim cook hopes to strengthen the ruble and defectors from the Android platform

Apple CEO Tim cook said that the former owners of Android devices have become one of the main driving forces that contributed to the growth of iPhone sales. Cook believes that such users, as well as improving the economy in countries heavily tied to oil revenues, will help to sell phones in the first quarter of 2016.

At such events, Apple frequently mentions the users who switched from Android to iOS. But in the reporting period, the number has reached new heights. According to cook, last quarter the number of “defectors” had reached record levels, and this allows us with optimism to talk about the future of their business. Specific figures head is not called, but in the previous quarter they accounted for 14 million of smartphones “Apple” of the Corporation, which accounted for about a third of the total quantity purchased in the reporting period the iPhone.

Cook noted that one of the key factors boosting sales of Apple smartphones are the States whose economies are strongly linked to oil revenues. According to him, in countries such as Russia and Brazil the situation is not quite favorable, but “this should pass”, and “country rise again”.

Tim cook told about a high degree of loyalty of users of Apple devices. Among owners of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus satisfaction purchase was 99%, and in the case of the iPad Air 2, this figure rises to 97%. Of all the participants of the poll going in the coming months to buy a tablet, about 65% are willing to give preference to a particular model iPad. Existing owners of Apple devices form an increasing part of the company’s revenues. They not only consume services and buy products, but also buy new devices instead of old ones.

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According to Apple, about 60% of current iPhone owners of previous generations have not yet replaced their devices on actual. The company believes that this means increased demand for new smartphones, at least in the next quarter.

Currently there are more than one billion users of Apple devices. This army is growing and at the expense of those who are “Apple” products in used condition. In the opinion of company management, it does underscore the value of brand products – they are reliable and durable.

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