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Lots of mistakes and fantastic trails: users have tested the application of the Moscow metro

In the middle of the month, the Moscow metro has released the official mobile application for the passengers of the subway using Apple smartphones. Unfortunately, despite some good ideas, “the Moscow Metro” was unfinished. Presented in the application information riddled with errors and might confuse people who have already managed to leave a lot of critical reviews.

The authors of “Metro of Moscow” tried to develop the technology already in use in several other applications, such as “Yandex Metro”. In particular, from the simple instructions the optimum car for transfer to another line they switched to the most transplant. Unfortunately, it turned out that they are not the best way, Travel reports, studied the user reviews online.

The problem is not only in the use of kantselyarizmami “transition is located at the North end of the hall” is much more clear to the passenger “ahead of the train”. Many of the instructions simply incorrect – for example, the transition to “Kiev” Filevskaya line on the Ring is described as “In the center of the room, up the stairs, through a long transition, on the left go to the station “Alexandrovsky sad, Arbatskaya and Borovitskaya” and transfer “Belarusian” – like “Need to go down the stairs to the bridge across the next platform on the escalator”. This in part is a direct description of the non-existent.

“Calculated route from Zhukovsky to Moscow (district Kozhukhovo) a bus-train-bus. Value of 20 rubles. Where are the prices? The Zhukovsky bus only 50 rubles,” – says the user under the name Horinsa.

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In addition, it is not optimized the search of travel options. For example, at equal time app can show the first option with two transfers instead of one, to invent all sorts of fantastic routes with four transfers, and the like. At the same time, there are useful solutions, in particular, the map pass if you are transferring from a subway to MCC, or Vice versa.

There are problems with the search functionality travel with the use of other transportation, though it has interesting possibilities – for example, the route virtually from and to any point within Moscow and the region. However, it looks abstract – for example, if the passenger is offered to travel train or bus, it is not specified how much they go, and not have to wait for their hour. The search button is not, in principle, to start the route search cannot be otherwise than select from the available options of addresses and objects, and it is not explained to the user. Selecting street search starts immediately from arbitrary locations on it, and choose a particular house is possible only in the second attempt.

“The developers, read the crap he writes the application for routing to anywhere in most cases, transplanting the description, as where to go is not at all about transfer station! Cars that need to sit, too, is incorrect!”, notes PPPashka.

It can be expected that with careful and extensive revision of the application can become quite useful. But this, apparently, will require considerable time.

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