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Presented YotaPhone 3

In Beijing took place the official presentation of the smartphone YotaPhone 3. This was reported on the website of the rostec.

YotaPhone 3 will be sold in modifications to the 64 and 128 GB of flash memory. RAM 4GB, Snapdragon 625, the battery, 3300 mAh, the main camera 12 MP, front 13 MP.

Front screen Samsung Super AMOLED, 1920×1080 resolution with a diagonal of 5.5″. The rear screen is made by technology E-Ink, the 1280×720 resolution and a slightly smaller diagonal of 5.2″.

Smartphone sales will begin in September of this year. First in China and then in other countries (Russia among them). Prices: 300 Euro (63 GB) and 400 euros (128 GB).

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