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Apple will use the LCD display Japan Display in a future iPhone

After the announcement of the iPhone X analysts decided that next year all three iPhone will get OLED screens. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple will continue to release smartphones with LCD displays.

The publication claims that the Cupertino’s company is negotiating with Japan Display on the supply of LCD panels for future iPhone. The manufacturer of the screens has promised that in the next year or two, 70% of the production will be allotted on the LCD panel of the new generation reduced to 0.5 mm framework, which the company calls a Full Active LCD.

It is already known that the new displays from Japan Display will be used in the smartphone Xiaomi Mi MIX 2.

According to the representative of Japan Display, a new technology allows to create LCD screens with the same advantages as in the OLED panels, but at a much lower price. Now OLED panel X iPhone creates Samsung. Each screen costs Apple $ 110. LCD panel Full Active Display from Japan will cost the company two times cheaper.

Probably next year the flagship of Apple will be equipped with OLED display. At the same time, other models, and older versions of the iPhone that the company will continue to produce some time, get improved LCD display manufacturing Japan Display.

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