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MP: We would first invented the telephone, not Apple, if not for the problems with patents

The Deputy and the head of the Moscow municipal area of Novo-Peredelkino Ernest Makarenko on Twitter was outraged by the activities of Western companies. He stated that if not for the problems with patents, Russian engineers before Apple invented the touchscreen smartphone.

The official, who became an Internet phenomenon thanks to its own microblog, and claimed that “jobs could make a lot of interesting things, but never knew God”, re-wrote in his Twitter about the Western companies. First Makarenko was revolted by the fact that the new Google logo was created by Russian designer: “once Again use our expertise and our talents!”.

Then came a few more of his posts. In one of them Makarenko wrote: “what can I say, if the major Western firms such as Google are doing everything in our templates? All Western creativity is endless copying”.

Well, the last post, which ended the indignation of the Deputy, was the statement that “the first touch screen was invented in the USSR and if not for the problems with patents, it is that we have invented the phone, not Apple!”.

Provocative statements Makarenko certainly isn’t the first at the Deputy. The official, who recently compared himself to Steve jobs, previously said: “Most experts now say about technical and design excellence Yotaphone over the iPhone. Russian technique in trend!”. Makarenko advised everyone to buy the YotaPhone iPhone 6 instead. “First of all the Yota phone is technically more interesting, secondly – it’s ours!” – led the argument of the Deputy.

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