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Poll: are You ready to spend 1000$ on a new iPhone?

According to financial analysts, only 18% of buyers are willing to buy a new Apple smartphone, if it will cost a thousand dollars. Using this, Samsung wants to increase its share in the premium segment.

Barclays analyst mark Moskowitz predicts Samsung’s strengthening position in the premium segment of smartphones after the launch of the Galaxy Note 8. Should worry Apple and the fact that only one in five respondents willing to buy a new iPhone if the price is established on a psychological level a thousand dollars. Here’s how he moscovitz says about it:

Although Note 8 to the majority opinion and is not a revolutionary device, run mobile—an example of returning a hard competition between Apple and Samsung in the premium segment of the market of mobile phones ($700+tax) after a disastrous Note 7 last year. The high cost of the new iPhone could affect profit investors betting on numbers exceeding the current 30-35%.

Analytical Agency believes that the incident with the Note 7 is not caused to the reputation of Samsung too much harm, an increase in sales:

In addition to competition with the Galaxy Note 8, to make it worse the Apple can and Chinese manufacturers are offering in the price range of 200-400 dollars a much more interesting device, as evidenced by sales statistics Xiaomi, Meizu and OPPO.

Apple shares will rise in the near future, but in the long term, competition may badly affect its financial position. Barclays has already cut the projected price of the company’s shares 9%: from the current 159.78 $ 146.



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