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Police in Madrid have arrested a gang venosus iPhone from Apple stores, eating anti-theft cables

Spanish national police detained 10 young people who went to the Apple store on the city’s Central square Puerta del Sol, diverted the attention of the guards and stole 24 expensive iPhone worth about €23,000 (1.4 million rubles).

Search of criminals began in the end of last year, when employees of the Apple stores began to detect the disappearance of the iPhone on the stands. Mass theft occurred in December 2016. And now the teenagers were arrested at the scene while trying to repeat the success of previous operation.

Criminal group, including 8 minors, broke into the Apple store, went to the territory of the shop, and while one distracted the attention of the guards, and the other visitors, the main character had bitten through the cable that attaches the gadget to the stand. Then the phone passed from hand to hand and co-conspirators carried the iPhone outside of the store. To calculate the damage had with cameras.

All 10 members of the group were arrested. As a preliminary measure of impact, the court banned two adult participants in the operation to get closer to the Apple stores closer than 100 meters.

Earlier it was reported that Apple decided to abandon the anti-theft cables in their stores. At the end of last year in the British capital opened after the renovation of the Central store where demo iPhone and iPad are not attached to the Windows by cords.

According to marketing studies, the open display of technology increases sales at least twice. Although this increases the risk of theft of the goods. However, at Apple, we believe for the sake of aesthetics and convenience of customers is more profitable to abandon the ugly cables of the alarm.

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