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Photo-fact: Murtazin in the bee costume is selling iPhone 6s in the office “Beeline”

Journalist Eldar Murtazin, regularly criticize Apple products, I kept my promise and on Monday he worked in the bee costume in the new office of “Beeline” at Tverskaya, 6. According to VC, 13:55 he sold the 16-Gigabyte iPhone 6s and VIP tariff “All”.

The head of “Beeline” Mikhail Slobodin and Murtazin has publicly entered into the dispute in may 2015. The journalist suggested that in September Slobodin will leave his position as CEO, as the results of his work are not satisfied with the company’s shareholders, at the head of “Beeline” suggested bet.

In early October it became known that leading analyst Mobile Research Group conceded defeat in a dispute with slobodnim. Despite the forecast Murtazin, head of the company remained at his post by 8 October 2015.

“Yes, I lost,” said Murtazin, agreeing to comply with the terms of the dispute. “Next week I, Slobodin and other top managers of “Beeline” will gather in their office,” said he. Under the terms of the bet, it had to work in the office “Beeline” in the bee costume.

October 19 at 13.00 Murtazin went to work in the office “Beeline” in the bee costume. It supported itself Slobodin, who in support of wearing a similar suit.

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