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Philips has released a “smart” bulbs Hue with E14 base

Philips has expanded the range of Hue lamp line new model B39. This is a fairly affordable option for those who want to join the world of led light sources.

Model B39 comes with E14 base – the first in a series of “smart” Philips lighting. These bulbs are usually called “candles.” The novelty will be available in the form of models with white light and color options.

Smart lamp Philips consumes 6.5 W, provide a luminous flux of 470 lumens and color temperature 4000K. Philips claims that after the appearance of bulbs with E14 base, model Hue compatible with 80% of all lamps in the world.

As in the case of other “smart” models, with apps for iOS and Android you can adjust the color, brightness, color temperature and other lighting parameters. In their capabilities little bulbs Philips won’t lose to the larger models. If you already have products set Hue, enough to get a Hue Bridge, after which the system will be able to understand commands like “Siri, make a light brighter by 30%.”

In Europe, sales of “smart” lights Philips Hue B39 will be in April.

Note that at the end of last year Philips has teamed up with Xiaomi in the development of “smart” lighting. The companies plan to work together to create both hardware and software. They intend to develop a lighting device connected to the platform of the wireless “smart home” Xiaomi and controlled using smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android.

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