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“Picture in picture”, the notification on the icons and other functions 8.0 Android copied from iOS

Google is preparing to release the next version of the Android operating system, which, according to rumors, will be called Oreo. Network sources told of some new platforms, some of which is borrowed from iOS.

Update Android 8.0 will significant and will affect many aspects of the system.

New notifications

How change notification is still unknown. According to preliminary version, they will get a new design, as it happened in 7.0 Android Nougat. In addition, some sources indicate that the new OS will include the achievements of the operating system at Andromeda, rumors about the development of Google which went last year. So, notifications will sync between devices and be sorted, given the current location, time and device used.

The badges on the icons

In iOS over application icons on the desktop displays a number of new events in the programme. This allows the user to quickly assess the state of the application simply by looking at the main screen. Google decided to postpone this option for Android 8.0.

“Picture in picture”

On the iPad there is a mode “picture in picture”, which allows you to watch videos in windowed mode. Technology will probably be implemented in the next version of Android, not only on tablets but also on smartphones. The essence of the regime is minimized video playback window that is on top of all applications on the screen. This way you can watch YouTube and at the same time to use the other services.

Limit the amount of background processors

In the new version of Google Chrome 57 there is now a technology that limits CPU usage for inactive tabs. Thus, the developers managed to significantly extend the battery life of laptops. Google decided to move this technology into Android 8.0 — effect background processes will be further limited in order to save charge.

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Dynamic icons

In iOS 10.3, Apple has allowed developers to change app icons without updating. We are talking about the program icons, which can be modified for any scenarios. With the release of Android 8.0 this feature will appear on devices running Google operating system.

Earlier it was reported that Android 8.0 will feature Gboard Copy Less, which will predict when a user attempts to send the address of the found object in another application. As soon as it is typed to indicate that the text fragment “it’s at”, Gboard will show the appropriate prompt.

Another innovation of the “eight” — automatic insert links with the appropriate context of applications like in iOS. For example, encountered in the e-mail message, a phone number will be linked to the dialer, the address will open the Maps app, and date calendar.

Another option is Android 8.0 is recognition on-screen gesture that opens in any situation the appropriate application. For example, to open the calendar, it will be enough to portray your finger on the screen the letter C.

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