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Announced untethered jailbreak for iOS 10.3

The developers of the jailbreak community are preparing the tools to create untethered iOS 10.3. This was stated by the hacker from Shanghai Shi lang, known online under the nickname 0xnever.

“By the way my tool is for untethered iOS 10.x is almost ready. Turn your semi-tethered Yalu in a fully detached one-tap,” wrote the hacker on his Twitter. We are talking about the fact that iPhone and iPad users jailbreak will have the opportunity to restart the device without connecting to the computer and re-hacking.

In a series of tweets told Shea that found in iOS 10.3 multiple vulnerabilities, which it intends to use for his instrument. Hacker believes that these gaps will not only “decouple” jailbreak Yalu, but to release an exploit for the new OS.

The intruder posted a screenshot with the iPhone 6s, which shows that on an iOS device 10.3 has managed to run Cydia version 1.1.30.

“Last night did some work on untethered jailbreak iOS 10.2. Spent all the time on a new personal project to search for new vulnerabilities. 10.3 iOS hacked,” wrote the hacker. In the following tweet he confirmed that exploit will probably work for the Apple TV 4G.

Publication 0xnever provoked a lively discussion among its subscribers. However, not all believe the hacker. Some ask questions about compatible devices, other – please upload a video as proof. A user with the nickname Mohseenali sure that is a picture of a jailbroken iOS 10.3 is a fake. According to him, in the new OS, Apple changed the file system on APFS, so Cydia cannot run on your device even in the case of a successful jailbreak.

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All interested in the main question about the timing of release of the exploit. To this question the answer is no. If the project 0xnever is not fake and the developer plans to finish the job, the first will be a tool for untethered iOS 10.2. After that, we should expect an exploit for new iOS 10.3. In any case, the release will not be before released the final version of the updated OS.

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