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Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge complain about the appearance of the pink stripes on the display

The position of Samsung in the smartphone market is getting worse. Only recently, the company released the results of the investigation of the bombing of the smartphone Galaxy Note 7, as now the manufacturer is faced with a new problem. The owners of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 edge began to complain about the appearance of pink bands on the smartphone screen that can not be removed.

The problem became public only when the media got several complaints from owners of South Korean smartphones. Samsung still deny that this is a widespread problem, but the testimonies of users around the world say otherwise.

Pink vertical line goes through the whole screen of your device and persists even after reboot. The problem is not tied to one party gadgets, as complaints came from different countries — USA, Australia and the Netherlands. Some operators already know about this problem and started the exchange for a new one, others are waiting for the review Samsung.

Suspected mechanical damage or moisture trapped under the hull. But definitely the cause of the pink line could not figure out yet.

Is there a way short of dealing with the problem: on the smartphone you need to enter the diagnostic mode by typing in the phone combination *#0*# and switching regimes “red”, “green”, “blue”. Other users managed to solve the problem by “reset” display. However, there is no guarantee that a smartphone after this procedure will work as before.

Some owners of Galaxy S7 pink stripe was a harbinger of much more serious problems. A few days later the display completely off.

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Samsung has made no official statements concerning the issue.

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