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Apple Watch and Mac too, you can reload using “Arab” SMS [video]

This week on thematic resources, a wave of publications, which suggests that Apple is trying to fix a bug that allows you to temporarily withdraw iPhone fail text message. As it turns out, the blame for this vulnerability is common to all Apple devices. That is, one text message, you can restart the iPad, Apple Watch, and even Mac.

The failure of the gadgets, leading to a restart is invoked when a message is received that contains a particular sequence of characters. It does not matter whether the message was received by the regular means of Messages or other communication application. The main thing is that it was the function of notifications with a short message content.

It is noteworthy that before the same text message vulnerable and smart watch Apple Watch. When you try to browse the device restarts. Mac users using iMessage can’t see, however, the failure occurs when working in the Terminal.

Cause off of Apple devices when receiving a message with a certain text is error encoding. OS handles error messages in a specific order, alternating Arabic text, Latin, Marathi, and Chinese characters.

Apple said it was aware of the problem and that its solution will be released update. However, it’s unknown when it will happen. On the company’s website contains detailed instructions that allow to get rid of a received message. Comes with a simple solution: tell Siri, “Read unread messages” and use the helper to respond to SMS. After that you can go into iMessage and delete the ill-fated message.

Although now a text entry and is used for playing pranks on your friends-the owners of the gadgets from Apple, experts do not exclude that this bug can be used by fraudsters to commit attacks. So we hope that Apple will not pull the update.

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