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Owners of smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL will have to buy an iPhone

Owners reference Android smartphone Pixel complain about incompatibility of devices. In addition, Google was unable to find a solution to the problem with music playback at maximum volume.

Recently, it was reported about the problem with the sound in the Pixel and Pixel XL. One of the users of the Communicator Google mark Beckman said that while playing at maximum volume interference and distortion sound. This issue was noticed by the owner of the four different devices Pixel XL, three of which he got as a replacement when you contact the service, and the mobile Pixel belonging to his wife.

After numerous complaints, Google has acknowledged the problem, promised to investigate and resolve it with the updates. But then Beckman had received a letter from the company where he was asked to return the money for the smartphone. Offer monetary compensation means that Google was unable to identify the cause of the problem and troubleshoot.

In addition, the owners of smartphones Google dissatisfied spontaneous lockups gadgets. According to users, the Pixel and Pixel XL at the time of stop work without any regularities unresponsiveness occur when running third-party applications, the “brand” Google, or in the absence of running programs. To solve the problem, you can either restart your gadget by holding the power button, or wait — the wait can take several minutes.

The problem may be related to both software and hardware. Reports of such failures are many.

Many owners of Pixel and Pixel XL hoping that Google will offer a solution to problems with their devices. But the manufacturer is, it seems, sees only one path in this situation is to purchase another unit. Buying reference smartphone alternative platform for many users can be a way out.

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