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Apple is looking for professionals who completely rewritten Apple Maps

Apple has opened new job opportunities for experts, whose task will include the modernization of the map service of the company. This is a comprehensive improvement of all aspects of Apple Maps, starting from the user interface of applications to server-side components. Vacancy announcements posted on the Apple website.

Having failed when starting your own maps, Apple does not give up and engaged in its comprehensive development. In the first months of service worked so bad that CEO Tim cook even made a public apology for existing defects, but now the situation has improved markedly.

Fixing the software, search and navigation, Cupertino decided to beat competitors in the speed of service by optimizing the system. Over the past few days Apple has opened several vacancies. Thus, the company is seeking a senior software engineer to the team Maps Data Services, which will include the development and optimization of the backend system. Applicant must have knowledge in the field scale distributed systems and have the technology Java, Scala, Kafka, and/or Zookeeper.

In the job description Apple indicates that she has “big plans for the service.” To this end, the company is looking for “engineers and managers who can design and build a simple, scalable and high-performance service. Apple wants to completely rewrite many of the components, so the engineers have to live and breathe the distributed data systems”. Applicants are encouraged to work in Santa Clara, California.

Among the requirements for potential employees indicated the ability to train technical and other skills, stress resistance, good knowledge of object-oriented programming languages (C++, Java) ability to lead a high quality dialogue in oral and written form.

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It’s worth noting that Apple maps are committed to improving and from the point of view of relevance of information — if earlier data was updated once a week, now updated data is loaded daily at 0:00 Pacific standard time. Many have noted the efficiency of updates and attention to the opinion of users.

Regular fixes, mostly related to the various “points of interest”, the quality of information which in early versions of maps left much to be desired.

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