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Opinion: no matter what will be the iPhone 8, Apple fans will buy any smartphone

We know practically everything about the new flagship Apple. If to take on trust a report of an insider, photos anonymous Foxconn employees, where is the Assembly of smartphones will at least novel. But if it is, will the new flagship of the revolutionary model, or will an ordinary update of the current “seven”? Digimedia analysts believe that Apple fans will buy any new smartphone, prompting huge excitement around new products.

Apple standard cycle lasts two years: first comes the model number with a new design, and then S-version with the new chips and old appearance. Last year it was the iPhone 7, and now, logically, must go iPhone 7s, but things can go wrong in favor of what they say several interesting nuances.

First, in 2017, Apple celebrates 10 years since the launch of the first iPhone, and to ignore this event would be at least strange. Second, last year’s “seven” turned out to be too simple: the design has not changed, only added two new body colors, and dual camera is available only in the Plus version.

It seems that Apple has decided to hold a little something back to the anniversary. In this case, this fall can go a radically new smartphone with new technology and an updated design.

From a technical point of view the last two years of flagship smartphones are in equal conditions and within the segment operate at the same level. Well launches iPhone 7 Plus platformer Subway Surfers two seconds faster than the Galaxy S8. In this case the producers to sway? Ecosystem.

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The audience of Apple fans is huge, because the company’s roots in the life of the user so deep as to draw in the industry. Buy fans glass iPhone 8 with “unlimited” screen? Of course. Will be delighted if minor upgrade (if, suddenly, all the rumors are false) — also Yes! Because migration to Android too painful: photos and videos in Photos, posts, Notes, Calendars, friends are accustomed only to iMessage, Apple Pay is a very convenient thing, and in the music service for iOS. That is, whatever the next generation iPhone will buy it.

That’s why the comment “For the money it is better to buy Xiaomi” under the lyrics flagships A-brands are meaningless. Smartphones aren’t iron. This package is not obvious at first glance, advantages as unique releases in the App Store. And regular work on the flaws in the operating system and warranty support, and exclusive services, and the philosophy of the brand, in the end. This is important and expensive, and not a three-digit number next to the word “Snapdragon” in the column “CPU”.

Do not read useless leaks about the amount of RAM and others like her. If the company wants to keep the announcement secret — nobody knows ahead of time (the Apple Watch and the Microsoft Surface Book proof). A “random” plum for hype for the next model is not very good.

Well, remember that the beautiful numbers in benchmarks though, and adorn the iPhone, but at the end of the day it all comes down to its convenience and benefits for the owner — no more, no less.

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