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“Mail of Russia” buys 15,000 smartphones in the domestic OS

“Mail of Russia” buys 15,000 smartphones Inoi based on domestic operating system Sailfish Mobile OS Rus. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to representatives of the company.

For smartphones will pay 171,1 million rubles at an initial price of the competition 195 million rubles. Thus, each phone is estimated at 11 400 rubles. In retail selling phones Inoi journalists are not found, a pre-order they only offer store Buyon is the only model Inoi R7 with 16GB memory and a slot for two SIM-cards sold at a price of 11 990 rubles.

According to the Director of the “Open mobile platform” Pavel ages, deal with “Mail of Russia” became the first contract on the device with Sailfish in Russia and the world. He noted that system has “full control over all functions of the smartphone”, the ability to monitor infrastructure device management from the customer, as well as cryptographic protection of information.

Sailfish Mobile OS Rus called the first domestic mobile operating system, which is designed to oust foreign OS giants Google and Apple. In Russia about 75 million smartphones, of which 74% are on the operating system of Google and about 20% for Apple (iOS), said ages.

According to Paul Agase, iPhone and Android smartphones monitor users: collect personal data (contacts, calls, their time, photos, videos, etc.) and behavioural information. This threatens the information security of not only the individual but also to companies and ultimately the state.

That is why was born the idea of creating a national mobile OS. Despite the fact that it is made on the basis of an open platform Sailfish (developed originally from Nokia), it is argued that it is a fully domestic product. “The entire infrastructure of the OS is inside Russia. The data processed by these phones, in any case do not leave the perimeter of the system. In addition, all codes are inside of the Russian Federation”, – said agesa.

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“Mail of Russia” will use smartphones Inoi for the project mobile mail point-of-sale terminals, through which the postmen will be able to provide financial services at home — for example, to accept payments for utilities or pay loans. Now these terminals are equipped with some 10,000 postmen, the project works in 2014.

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