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Opinion: jubilee iPhone 8 for 80 000 rubles – this is normal

This year Apple will show a lineup of new smartphones, including new iPhone 8. The cost of the device, rumored for the first time in history will exceed $1000, which in the Russian reality, will result in the 80-90 thousand rubles. In the publication Life believe that this is a reasonable price for the main smartphone of the year. And talented marketers from Cupertino will easily find her explanation.


The closer the presentation of the Apple, the more insiders that it will demonstrate three new iPhone: two for the plebs, one for the elite. A basic pair of smartphones will get the standard names iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus, but the exclusive model is that iPhone X, or iPhone Pro or iPhone — one of a kind.

Normal iPhone 7s will be out in a mediocre design (that we see from 2014) and will cost from $600-$650 is a typical price for a new iPhone. But the cost of the premium gadget will surprise the world. All the experts say that for anniversary iPhone will ask for between $1,000 and Eldar Murtazin has already predicted that in Russia such a device will cost 80-85 thousand rubles at the start.

The audacity, greed, greed? Do not rush to blame Apple. The American company acts in accordance with the logic that dictates the market.

In fact Tim cook had two options:

1. To play in democracy and generosity.

It is obvious that the Chinese have fallen off the average price tag of the smartphone, so Apple could choose the same course: to cut costs, save on materials, reduce your credibility and to present something for 450-500 dollars. The gadget would have probably been a bestseller, but in Cupertino historically hated this way. A typical example is the iPad mini: it sold well, but it is elementary killed due to low margin. Steve jobs despised budget gadgets, and Tim cook honors this Covenant former boss.

2. To set the price, which initially all are shocked, but do not push me away from buying.

This tactic is brilliant: jubilee iPhone will be distanced from Xiaomi (that’s a whole other galaxy), and even Samsung with their Galaxy S8. In total, more than $1000 is an appropriate amount to the Apple smartphone was again branding, but relatively affordable thing.

In addition to the chic positioning Tim cook will benefit in three aspects. First, in a luxury smartphone, you can implement all cook for so long dreamed of: indestructible sapphire glass to an OLED screen, support VR and wireless charging. Second, the premium iPhone and need to earn: the difference between price and cost (including the costs of marketing), by definition, will be huge.

Third, Apple will finally have the hierarchy in smartphones. Previously, it was quite conventional: either at the time (new — old iPhone), or in the context of memory (32/128/256 GB), or solely on the size of the screen (4/4,7/5,5 inch). Now you can say: Yes, iPhone for $1000 by far the bigger and more prestigious than the classic iPhone 7s. This separation has long and successfully operates in the wires (Air/Pro/normal MacBooks) and tablets (Air/Pro and iPad 2017), so worry about the fate of the iPhone 7s is not: it will find its audience just as quickly as the dwarf iPhone SE in 2016.

What will happen with an expensive iPhone in Russia?

The fate of jubilee iPhone to be desirable and scarce huge hit. The last time iPhone happened in 2010 when the Quartet arrived on the shelves of the tiny parties. In Russia, it was absolute madness: for several weeks in a social network “Vkontakte” there were ads unblocked American iPhone. Prices start from 90 000 rubles (more than two thousand euros at the time) and ended at around 120 000 (three thousand euros), and the sellers had to respond to calls and messages.

This year you can expect something like this. $1000 — minimum price, so the older version with more memory will cost $1200-$1300. For the impatient Russian buyers this coerces to the exorbitant amount of 150-200 thousand rubles, and the speculators are bound to be customers — including those who take this credit.

To predict the jubilee line for iPhone in retail stores is also easy. The demand certainly will go overboard, because even last year, when Apple released the iPhone entrance, Department store occupied the crowd the solvent fans. The main issue is the availability of gadgets on the shelves: for example, in Russia the glossy black “seven” remained a rare exhibit for three months — until the beginning of 2017.

However, Apple does not care about our problems. The primary objective of the Corporation is releasing the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone this gadget to the smartphones with the Apple on the back panel again said with a gasp. Today’s top model (the iPhone 7 Plus) does not cause bright emotions, because all flagship smartphones are just like it. Apple will correct this situation: very soon the question “Wow! You have a new iPhone?” it will sound the same as seven years ago. With surprise, admiration and ill-concealed envy.

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