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Startup co-founder of Google Larry page has demonstrated the “flying car” Flyer [video]

Project Kitty Hawk, funded by Google co-founder Larry page, first demonstrated flying vehicle with vertical take-off. The device looks like a huge quadcopter, capable of lifting into the air of a person.

Flying copter called the Kitty Hawk Flyer. Like a normal copter he comes off vertically from the ground and provides flight at a height of several meters. On the participation of Larry page in a startup for the development of the flying vehicle became known in the end of last year.

Kitty Hawk, the Flyer runs on electricity, and you can fly it only over the water. The creators of the flyers emphasize that its control does not require pilot license and learn how to manage in just a few minutes. The company promises to release the first production models by the end of the year.

This is not the first sample ultralight personal vehicles with vertical take-off, which in the near future can compete with cars. Last month at the Geneva motor show aerospace group Airbus introduced a concept version of a flying car Pop.Up System, created in collaboration with autoengineering company ItalDesign.

Sale Kitty Hawk Flyer will start in late 2017. The cost of new items of information yet.

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