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7 legendary smartphone HTC: HD2 brilliant until the final Pixel

Suffering HTC is officially over: Google paid $ 1.1 billion in exchange for employees (about 2 thousand), patents and stake Asian companies.

Formally HTC will continue to make their smartphones, but they are boring and secondary, because the flagship is now engaged in Google.

From the beginning of 2018, the Taiwanese Corporation will come under the wing of the American giant.

In fact, the era. Good-bye company that made bad gadgets on Windows Mobile, and more or less decent – on Android. Can be long to understand the causes of the collapse of HTC (it’s boring and newsbecause), and it is possible to recall the most significant devices in the history of this brand. It is much more fun.


HTC Touch P3450

In the second half of zero Windows Mobile was at times functional than Symbian, but not give the impression of a operating system for living.

To WM smartphones were called smartphones, and their owners terribly suffered from the poor interface, based only on the stylus. Add here chronic nice game – we get a typical rectangular device with an oak display and pathetic battery life.

The HTC Touch was quite different: small, light, neat, almost bug-free (despite a dead processor and 64 megabytes of RAM) and it is multimedia (good sound in the headphones).

But the main thing – the launcher from HTC: the Taiwanese has rolled shell with giant icons below the 2.8-inch screen you can use without a pen. Periodically, the launcher crashes, and the smartphone turned into something incredibly lame – to get to the small buttons was almost impossible.

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And Touch still remembered the revolutionary gadget HTC proved that even the most disgusting OS can be improved and lead to a decent condition.


The smartphone became a meme: it seems that no mobile OS, which enthusiasts have not rolled great on HD2. He eats everything from Windows Mobile 6.5 to desktop version of Ubuntu, Windows RT and Android 7.0.

I will say for myself. In 2010 I first picked up the HTC HD2 and in all seriousness said, all, to develop smartphones now is pointless, better to have nothing to do. 4.3 inch screen admire the size and brightness, and 448 MB of RAM allow the device to fly. It is not surprising that at flea markets for a long time it was quoted at second-hand iPhone: connoisseurs understand that the HD2 is exclusively Royal camera.

HTC Dream

This slider will be remembered as the first Android smartphone in history – no other honors he did not deserve. Dream came to me in hand just two years after debut (that is, in the fall of 2010) and remembered that it was clearly visible: it is out of date.

Little grainy screen, Lofthouse body, uncomfortable keyboard, limited OS without adequate updates and a battery that barely worked 2-3 hours screen – all these points confirm that the HTC Dream correctly considered a concept and not a finished product. As decided by the company, so relatively quickly got rid of the dull design.

HTC Desire

About the Desire to tell essentially nothing – is a 3.7-inch brick with a strip of function keys, a mediocre camera and rather nice launcher.

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But Desire is an important mission – the smartphone has become the father of one of the greatest rulers. HTC has added indexes, numbers and other designations, but the word Desire has not disappeared.

My favorite representative of this series – the HTC Desire Z, one of the last flagships with QWERTY-keyboard. By the way, she was very ergonomic, and the slider mechanism is not staggering – an amazing deal for 2011.

HTC Sensation XL

Phablet, ahead of time: in 2012, 4.7 inch without a stylus was total of exotic, so XL did not become a bestseller. Meanwhile, this device deserve to remembered: the Taiwanese did a pretty good job on the design (white body with a cool silver insert) and put in a set of Beats headphones.

Given that the price tag on the flagship quickly blown away, the offer looked very lucrative: 15-16 thousand for the huge device with the most fashionable headset. Screwed up screen resolution – 800×480 pixels resembled grains, scattered carelessly across the display.

HTC One M7

This model was released in early 2013 and at first was disappointed with critics: they believed that the Xperia Z and Galaxy S4 stronger than the One M7 with Ultrapolling camera and only a 4.7-inch screen (the competition was already five inches long).

History has shown who won: M7 with its plastic strip became the prototype of the iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 (no need to deny it), and the flagships from Sony and Samsung safely forgotten.

If you include an objective, it is necessary to admit that the One M7 was indeed the problem (camera, battery, slow chip), but the design and metal housing it is possible to forgive all the little things.

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[HTC] Pixel (2016)

In the fall of 2016, the first Android smartphone was supposed to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but it was waiting for spontaneous combustion. Then the throne unexpectedly left Pixel HTC device with a fairly ordinary design, but the freshest version of Android, a fantastic camera and balanced characteristics.

Pixel – the most underrated camera in this digest: if it cost a little less and it was sold around the world, he would definitely become a cult classic.

And three worthy HTC, not included in the main part:

HTC Wildfire in 2010, it sold for space, money, and people bought because the brand was considered very solid. It is a pity that under this promising title was hiding the middle with a mediocre screen and dreary “iron”.

HTC Legend – a smartphone image with a magic touch button and recognizable rounded body. Was very reliable and easily survived the fall.

HTC U11 – probably the last independent flagship Taiwanese. Its main trumps are brilliant the rear panel and the side that react in real-time. No wonder U11 advertised even Yuri Dude, which is usually not taken PR every slag.

And what you think is the best HTC?

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