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In Russia, removed hacker Thriller for advertising domestic processors “Elbrus”

Was released on YouTube in the format of the trailer of the film, a viral video about an international group of hackers, unsuccessfully trying to hack into the state system, built on the basis of Russian processors “Elbrus”.

Film-hoax called “peace – peace”. In the video, foreign hackers are trying to crack the Russian migration state system “World” – based domestic processors. This fact became the main obstacle to a famous hacker: “Everyone in the world who uses Java, now under threat?” — doomed asked one of the hackers.

According to Cnews, this trailer is a viral image is domestic processors “Elbrus”. On the user page Flamepart on YouTube, where published video, any other content is not. Statistics for “Laika-dislikes” to the video is disabled, and therefore it is difficult to find out how the audience liked this format of advertising.

The system “World” was approved by the government resolution of 6 August 2015, the System combines the state system of manufacturing, registration and control passport-visa documents of new generation and GIS migration control. Last year, he was transferred with the hardware and software on IBM servers with processors “Elbrus”, which cost about $4 million.

Now on the basis of the GIS “World” issuance of identity documents, including the passport of the citizen of Russia, passport, document of a foreign citizen, refugee certificate, etc. In the future the system will be used to issue electronic passports of the citizen of the Russian Federation.

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