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On the building of the Apple store in new York displays an image of Putin hugging pregnant trump

On the building of Apple’s retail store in new York there was an image of Vladimir Putin, who is pregnant hugs U.S. President Donald trump. Reported by Business Insider.

The poster was projected on the wall of a building in Manhattan, where the signature point of sale Apple. Over the picture of trump and Putin posted the hashtag #lovethroughhate, which translates as “love despite hate”.

The image was created thanks to the Dating app for the Hater that selects the partner of hate for different things. According to the principle of it is reminiscent of Tinder – the user is prompted to do swipe up, down, right and left. If this partner is asked to rate the items, topics and people. According to the creators of the service, 80% of app users, which is more than 200 000 people indicated that dislike Trump.

Founder and chief Executive officer Hater Brendan Alper in comments regarding the appearance of the image on the wall in new York, said: “We want to make people laugh. Using humor, hatred can turn into love.” “No matter whose side you’re on, it’s very annoying”, he added.

As noted in the publication, the image of the two presidents has also been shown in two other buildings in new York.

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