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Apple has posted two new ads for iPad Pro video

In the Wake of the is portrait mode in iPhone X Apple has released two new video about the iPad Pro.

In this new video Corporation shows how convenient it is to take notes on your tablet brand and what prospects does the technology of augmented reality ARKit.

Primarily, the focus is on opportunities to transform the real world around them and to look at familiar things in new ways. For example, to place virtual furniture in the room.

“With the iPad Pro and iOS 11, you can change the world. Your next computer may not be a computer” – these words read the rest of the first movie.

In the second video, Apple once again demonstrates the benefits of Apple Pencil. This time the example app GoodNotes 4.

“With the iPad Pro, iOS 11 and Apple Pencil you can write notes, draw and transfer files. Your next computer may not be the computer,” the description for the second video.

Apple continues to insist that the iPad Pro can replace a PC. Therefore, the Corporation advertises the tablets in this way. Over the past two months the company has released several similar videos telling about advantages of iPad Pro.

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